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Digital & hybrid meetings made simple

FLI Group now offers digital and hybrid meetings in their conference rooms with Weframe

FLI Hospitality Management is increasingly focusing on digital experience quality for meetings and conferences and now offers the technology solution of Weframe for their customers. With Weframe, organizers and guests not only benefit from all the advantages of digital working, but also every person in the room is activated - through this we create strong group work.

You can easily book meetings at different FLI hotel locations and connect with each other through Weframe. This means you can spend the night in Antwerp, have breakfast in the morning and start your first meeting. No need to hurry up to get to your next meeting. Relax instead, take a coffee break and continue with your next meeting through Weframe, and connect, interact and give immediate feedback to your colleagues in Gent, Liège and Hasselt or even elsewhere in the world.

Personal introduction

We are more than happy to invite you for a personal tour as an introduction to Weframe. Book your personal tour now if you are interested in this innovative way of working!

One solution for everything

Weframe replaces beamer, flipchart, pinboard and co. and sets a new standard: a digital solution for everything conference guests need for interactive collaboration. Weframe consists of an 86" multi-touch display and intuitive software and is specifically designed for group work.

Working with Weframe saves time in meeting preparation and results are immediately available for download. Every person in the room can interactively participate in the meeting using their own laptop, tablet or smartphone. Useful tools help workshops and meetings be more structured and focused, resulting in better outcomes.

For hybrid conferences and meetings

Whether in the same room, in several rooms or via conference calls - Weframe offers location-independent, synchronous and interactive collaboration in a shared meeting. All participants use the same work interface, the same tools, see and hear each other on video call and exchange ideas. Hybrid and online Meetings thus become possible with the same quality of face-to-face meetings.

Easy to use

Presenters and participants can easily use Weframe to present, write or sketch. The 86" multi-touch screen is large enough for multiple people to work on, giving the group the space they need. Each person can easily and quickly engage in the meeting through the browser on their own device. Weframe is designed so that everyone can get started immediately and no installations are required.

Where to find Weframe?

Mercure Antwerp City South - Desguinlei 94, 2018 Antwerpen Mercure Liège City Centre - Rue St Léonard 182, 4000 Liège Holiday Inn Gent Expo - Maaltekouter 3, 9051 Gent Holiday Inn Hasselt - Kattegatstraat 1, 3500 Hasselt

A German technology company

Weframe AG is a technology company from Munich in Germany and dedicates their innovative power to the topic of digital collaboration. The collaboration platform Weframe replaces projectors, flipcharts and more and sets a new standard: a digital solution for everything groups need for meetings. Weframe One is an 86-inch multi-touch screen and easy-to-use software - designed specifically for group collaboration.

Eager to try it out?

We are more than happy to invite you for a personal tour and an introduction to Weframe. Contact Rik in 't Zand for more information: +32 (0)473 73 04 90 or

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