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As from 2023, FLI decided to start a long-term partnership with the non-profit organisation Beyond the Moon. Every year, thousands of people enjoy holidays in our hotels. We also want to make this possible for those for whom a carefree family vacation is not so obvious. It is therefore our goal to organise, together with our team and hotel guests, fundraisers for this charity's 'Offer a Vacation' project, to provide quality-time to a family with a seriously ill child at one of their regular vacation partners.

Fundraising for beyond the moon.HEIC
Fundraising for beyond the moon.HEIC
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FLI Hospitality Management employees participated in the Baloise 10 Miles or Short Run in Antwerp on 23 April. With great enthusiasm, they gave the best of themselves wearing a personalised T-shirt with a.o. our Beyond the Moon logo and put our charity in the spotlight!


Their efforts were sponsored by family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances in aid of Beyond the Moon and generated €1.280.


The FLI Hospitality Management board doubled their fundraising and as a result we received a lovely total contribution worth €2.560.


We are well on the way to achieving the target of sponsoring a family vacation in 2023. We keep up the spirit!  (to be continued)

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