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What a vibrant opening party!

On Friday 19 November, we celebrated the opening of our completely renovated hotel and brand-new restaurant Lunet. Guests experienced a guided tour through Antwerp's hottest new place to be and felt like a model for the day. From arrival to departure, their visit was completely devoted to the ‘Antwerp Six’ and the fashion history of Antwerp.

Not only fashion lovers, but also foodies were very impressed by the modern and seasonal cuisine, full of Mediterranean and Asian accents, creative twists, and surprises, inspired by nature. Lunet uses three driving forces to bring the triangular shape of the City Park into their restaurant: Local, nature and passion.

🙏🙏🙏 A big thank you to our partners, we couldn’t make this happen without you!

@BGY: for the incredible unique interior design

@Vranken Pommery: for the festive bubbly vibes and champagne

@Gimber: for the delicious, organic, alcohol-free alternatives

@Bistromania: for the original deco and furniture

@Diplomatico: for the exclusive rum

@Damien-Paul Gal: for the amazing street art entertainment

@Do’s Store: for the woolhalla of our dreams

@In Vogue Belgium: for the beautiful catwalk show

@The Perfect Serve Agency: for the astonishing cocktails

@Crèmerie Germaine: for the premium, tasty gelato

@Saturday Flowers: for the high-quality dried bouquets

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